Smart Audio Evidence - the audio device which makes your business and home safe
Reliable 24/7 gathering of audio evidence from several remoted location
  • AudioEvidence – compact and flexible audio recording system which combines innovations with ease of use.
  • The device fits in a small case, but all the valuable data is stored in the “cloud”.
  • The system is completely managed over the Internet from any place in the world. The user can change settings, download the records or turn on live monitoring at any time.
  • Recording settings, network configuration, connection times, etc. can be easily set using an intuitive web dashboard.
Remote configuration settings of records or live translation
Digital signature for record proof of authenticity
„Plug & play“ technology
High speed Wi-Fi transmission (14 seconds upload for 1 hour of audio)
MicroSD card for almost 300 days of recording
Dedicated audio processor — CD audio quality, records are suitable for speech recognition software
Powerful battery – 1 week standalone operation in voice activation mode
Internal and external (2 m cable) microphones with 10 meters
Small size and modern design.
Easy deployment
Voice Activation System — it starts recording by voice or any other sound
Device dimensions 51x36x7 mm
Battery Li-ion, 1250 mAh
Voltage 3.3-6.0V, charging via USB
Memory micro SD card, up to 128 GB
Quantization 16 bit
Sampling 8kHz, 16kHz, 44kHz
Compression None (PCM) 4 bit ADPCM Vorbis Ogg
Minimum Bitrate @ 16kHz Vorbis Ogg compressed 20 kbps
Audio input Inside/Outside microfone
Voice Activation Yes
Recording schedule Exact day and time or weekly
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (client)
Wi-Fi range (indoor) 70 m
Wi-Fi range (outdoors) 250 m
Antenna Integrated
FTP type Client
Digital signature RSA PKCS 1
  • Web dashboard with FTP server interface, live audio monitoring and configuration setup tool;
  • Intuitive interface for multiple device records management;
  • Access from any Internet connected device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.);
  • Convenient online configuration interface with current settings information, which allows to upload the settings to device, save as templates or save to a PC or SD card;
  • Records filtering according to duration, recording time, device name, etc.;
  • Online records playback, download and deletion;
  • Live audio monitoring;
Getting started to use AudioEvidence is very simple. Web dashboard allows you to listen live what is happening in the monitored area, manage and playback recorded files and set your voice recorder configuration online or saving it to a microSD card.

To learn more about AudioEvidence web dashboard, please register to get a demo account to test the system.
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